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3rd Place           Richard Gullet  

Richard impressed us with his black and white ink drawings. Each intricate piece takes 4-6 weeks to complete with meticulous planning. As the ink is being applied over his original pencil drawing, the negative space often activates his imagination altering his original vision.  Frequenting animals and Greek mythology for inspiration, he manages to make one of a kind work each time. 

2nd Place           Flannery Murnen Through the use of traditional film cameras, Flannery's work is at the mercy of the moment. Pairing her love of history and talent in photography, she captures images for posterity. One photo captures a quick glimpse of the crowd on the Woman's march on Washington, while another documents a woman in Cuba carrying clean water, a basic amenity often taken for granted in other countries. 

The awards presented to artists in the juried category of Art Walk were decided by judges Sara Busler and Lauren Canavan.  These are the comments provided by the judges for their selections:

People’s Choice awards were also presented through the votes tallied from visitors through Art Walk. These winning artists were:

1st Place  Richard Gullett

2nd Place Emily Metzger

3rd Place Gail Christopherson

One more year in the records as another successful Art Walk event closed this Saturday with an After Party of awards and music.  All in attendance were treated to the musical talents of Q-Four a reed quartet from Bowling Green State University.  The members of the quartet were equally honored by BGSU President Dr. Rodney Rogers who personally address the students. 

Prizes for all these artists were donated by BGSU School of Art, BG Arts Council, Jeff & Inge Klopping, Alice & John Calderonello and Julie Miller.
Downtown restaurants; Easy Street, Biggby Coffee and Domino’s Pizza all donated items to provide a lovely buffet for those in attendance. paragraph here.

1st Place            Shirley Frater  Shirley draws inspiration from a variety of materials. These materials include found objects such as medallions, old book pages, napkins and photos. Through the use of these found objects she creates an intricate composition that tells a narrative. The artist pays attention to all the fine details of her work from production to presentation. Each frame is found and re-purposed to compliment the work enclosed within. Type your paragraph here.