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Wood County Courthouse & Wood County Jail

​1 Court House Square 

C. 1896

On the National Register of Historic Places, this 1893-1896 construction was bid to cost $153,803.00, but cost $256k, not including the clock tower. The H.H. Richardson Romanesque style project used Ohio sandstone and Vermont granite. There are ornate carvings with alegorical subjects like a griffon biting a snake representing the law crushing corruption. The clock tower (c 1897) is 195 feet tall and cost $3k. The clockface is 16 feet in diameter. Pigeons would roost on the original wooden hands and throw off the time, so the hands  were replaced with electrically-charged metal. At the time, the  clock tower and hands were the largest in the US. The bells are 2,000lbs and chime each hour.  The multi-million dollar restoration was recognized by the Ohio Historic Preservation Office. A family of falcons roosts in the tower. The County Jail was built was built in 1901-1902 and hailed the “most modern jail in Ohio.” It is now county offices.