Official Rules for the Downtown Dollars Golden Elfie Give Away

  Instant Win – Find the Golden Elfie
  November 26, 2016 Starting at 10 am

  There is only one hidden golden Elfie, Alvie Beegee McCheer.  A photo of this Alvie will be 

  posted on social media and our website.  The first person to find Alvie is the lucky winner of 

  $250 in Downtown Dollars.  The winner will be identified by the merchant in the store that he

  is found.  In the case of multiple people sight the elf at the same time, the merchant will be

  asked to do a drawing of those involved unless the participants involved agree to split the

  If no one has found the elf in the first hour, we will post a clue to Facebook and continue to   

  post a clue on Facebook every hour until the elf is found.

  We will ask the winner to sign a release that we are allowed to post their winning picture to 

  be used at Downtown Bowling Green’s discretion.  
  Downtown Bowling Green will have no other obligations to the winners after presenting their 



 November 26th 10am – 5pm

 Stop into any participating merchants store and take a Selfie with their Elfie. 
 A list of participating merchants will be on Downtown Bowling Green’s Facebook page
 Post the Selfie on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hash tag #ElfieSelfieDTBG2016 by 

 midnight on November 26th to be eligible to participate
 Encourage your family and friends to like your picture; whoever has the most likes on their 

 picture by December 10, 2016 at midnight will win $250 in Downtown Dollars.
 If there is a tie will hold a drawing to pick a winner
 Winner will be announced on Facebook on December 12th at 4:30 pm
 Winners will be messaged on Facebook and prize can be claimed at our office at 130 S. Main 

 St., Four Corners Center, Bowling Green, OH  43402 
 Downtown BG is not responsible for any technical difficulties with the internet or the social 

 media sites, failure to post the Selfie properly or for any errors the participant may make in 

 not meeting the criteria set here.

 November 18th – December 15th

 Stop into any of the participating businesses and put your name in the drawing box to win 

 either $250, $150, or $100 in Downtown Dollars by December 15th.  
 Drawing will be held at our office at 4:30 pm on December 16th
 Winners will be called or notified by email and a list will be published on Facebook on 

 December 16th and prizes can be claimed at our office at 130 S. Main St., Four Corners 

 Center, Bowling Green, OH  43402 
 We will ask the winner to sign a release that we are allowed to post their winning picture to

 be used at Downtown Bowling Green’s discretion.  

We have a winner Lynette Crow of BG You can still win $250 to Waddington Jewelers. Stop in anytime today and take an elfie selfie with Benny the Elf, fill out a wishlist and be entered to win a $250 gift card to Waddington Jewelers.

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