Copyright 2017 | Downtown Special Improvement District | Bowling Green, OH

Thank you to the following businesses and people for sponsoring an ice sculpture at the 2017 Winterfest. 

Your sponsorship will benefit the Downtown Foundation Flower Fund and allow us to keep Downtown Bowling Green beautiful!

Heritage Corners


BGSU Ice Arena

Sentinel ~ Tribune

City of Bowling Green

Four Corners Center

Howards Club H

ALMAR Property Management

For Keeps Gifts

Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames

Ace Hardware Main Street

Copy Shop


Randall Roberts, CPA

Marsh & Marsh Attornies

Newlove Realty

Holiday Inn Express

Best Western Falcon Plaza

Danberry Realtors- Sandy Rowland-Maggie Fawcett-Allison Luce- Traci Dobbelaere

-Chris Hall

Bowling Green Youth Hockey

BGSU Conference & Event Services

Campus Quarters


Dr Derik Utz, DDS

Nagel Chiropractic

Leslie Oswald